Dear Future Resident,

Thank you for your interest in our rental listing located at .

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We value your time and would like to make the application process as smooth as possible for you. As a result, below are the items that we will need to expedite your application. Please be aware that the lack of information or delays in reaching the appropriate individuals to verify information on your application will slow down the process.

____ Fully completed, signed and dated application from all individuals 18yrs and older

____ Signed Rental Criteria from all individuals 18yrs and older

____ Completed Verification of Rental (if applicable)

____ Last two months of income verification (pay stubs or W2)

____ Copy of Driver’s License and Social Security Cards for all adults applying

____ Application Fee(s) of $75 per adult (18yrs and older). Certified funds only made payable to THE ESTATES HOME SALES AND RENTALS

____ Administration Fee(s) of $100 per home. Certified funds only made payable to: THE ESTATES HOME SALES AND RENTALS.

____ Individual e-mail addresses for all adult applicants

Once we have received all of the above information, our background check service will contact you individually by e-mail. Please follow the instructions provided in order for them to complete your credit and criminal background. The service will notify us when you have completed the process and will forward us the results within 24hrs. We will then proceed with any additional verification and notify the owner for the final approval. Our goal is to let you know within 24-48hrs if your application has been approved. If your application is approved, a Good-Faith deposit of first month’s rent will be immediately due to remove the listing from the market and to confirm your acceptance of the terms for renting the above listing.


Management of The Estates Home Sales and Rentals, LLC.

Updated On: 7-1-2014